“IT’S NOT JUST A HEADSHOT – IT’S YOUR IMAGE. Give yourself the competitive edge.”

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Business Portraits

Based in Dallas and Houston, Texas

When you enter the business world, you enter a competitive environment. You have to compete to establish your dominance. Instead of giving in, give yourself the edge. Give yourself something that speaks more than a resumé alone ever could. Give yourself the power of a professional image through business portraits.

By purchasing a business portraits package with PlusCorp, you are giving yourself a competitive edge. You are making sure people remember the face with the name. The exquisite precision of our photography will let potential employers and partners know you mean business.

Business Woman Headshot

What Can I Do With Business Portraits?

Business portraits are a bit different than headshots. Headshots are more personal because they are taken from chest up and are usually associate with a profile or bio to identify you. They leave little room for background elements to tell a story about your character. Headshots are designed to look slick, natural, and very attractive. However, business portraits can convey a variety of looks and range from full body shots to headshots. Viewers can get a glimpse of the real you. When you look at these portraits, you should get a feeling for the subject’s emotions, their energy, and relative poise. It’s a photo that allows the surrounding background to play a role in describing the individual’s personality as well. Clothing combinations can range from casual to formal wear depending on your industry.

The key to a great business portrait is professionalism. Ultimately, your business portrait will be utilized for a number of reasons. When people look at your portrait, you want to convey the absolute best version of yourself. Through your portrait, you should communicate strength, power, and any other adjective associated with your industry. You have to show them the unflappable version of yourself.

When you receive your business portraits, you can utilize them for resumés, business cards, social media profiles, or just hanging on a wall. A business portrait has the versatility which helps accentuate the tools you use. By showing people who you are, it will help potential prospects and clients see your value. It remind them who you are. Your portrait is attached with the services you’ve provided.

Your Business Portrait Timeline

Your business portraits should be delivered within 48 hours of taking them. While emergencies do happen, we pride ourselves on sticking to our timeline. The sooner we can get you your business portraits, the faster you can start improving your career. Within the 48 hours, PlusCorp moves heaven and earth to get you the best photos.

Our precise schedule helps us maximize the results of your time. The more efficient our process is, the better experience our clients have. Business portraits can be a serious affair, but we also want you to have a good experience.

We also like to reiterate what others can do to help us in the process of taking photos:

1. Schedule an Appointment

The first thing we do once you’ve made an appointment is send reminders. We want you to know you are in our books. We also collect payment upon this scheduling. It’s important for us to lock into a professional agreement. By doing this, we can devote our time and efforts to getting the best results possible for the shoot. PlusCorp wants to help you achieve the portraits you deserve by any means necessary.

2. Prepare For The Shoot
By Arriving Early

On the day of your shoot, make it a priority to arrive early. We like to suggest arriving 20 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow for more preparation time on your part as well as a consultation from our make-up artist. Any sudden surprises can be dealt with by arriving early. By planning for the worst, you can expect the best.

3. Take Test Pictures

When you are ready, we will begin testing. This means putting a variety of backgrounds behind you to see what exactly works. We’ll find a background which will show your true qualities. In addition to this, we will take several test shots and adjust lighting. This will ensure your features are accentuated just right.

Most importantly, this time is to get comfortable with the process of photography. It’s a somewhat strange process for anyone not around professional cameras all the time. PlusCorp takes great pains to create as comfortable and painless a process as possible.

4. Take Main Pictures
& Switch Clothes

Eventually, we find the right look. Your perfect look. When we’ve done this, we’ll begin the official business portrait session. If you’ve brought changes of clothes, we’ll try different wardrobes and see which one is the best. We want to provide you with options when you select the best photos. We can do this best by having you provide multiple wardrobe options.

5. Select Photos & Review

As we take photos together, we will also review them frequently. By having you review them, you can give us an idea of what you want as we go. If you tell us one thing before we start, you can confirm we’re on the same track while we review your photos. It’s important we deliver the quality we promise.

6. Get Pictures In 48 Hours

When your session comes to an end, we will do a final review of all the photos. After this, we will send all of your photos to you electronically. This will let you go through and pick your favorite photos. After this, let us know which ones stand out. Your favorites will get packaged together for final distribution. By the end of this process, you’ll have brand new business portraits to show around.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible version of yourself. When you decide to get a business portrait, you’re making an investment. PlusCorp Photography makes sure your investment does not go to waste by delivering high quality work in a timely fashion. Our company strives to excel with everything we do, which makes your business portraits no exception. Your brand new business portraits will help stack the odds in your favor.

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