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Commercial Real Estate Photography

Based in Houston, Texas

There are so many different variables that contribute to someone’s interest in buying or leasing commercial real estate. With quality commercial real estate photography you can create interest that causes someone to take action. Buyers and tenants need a good reason to spend time on your listing, so start the conversation by boldly announcing your property for sale or lease with a good first impression. By making the investment in real estate photography you can feel confident that you have shown the best visual representation.

If you are listing a property or simply need photos of recent construction for your portfolio, look no further. PlusCorp Photography has a long history with marketing commercial real estate. We would love to become a part of your extended marketing team!

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We also offer aerial photography which opens up a completely new dimension.
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What’s the PlusCorp Difference for Real Estate Photography?

Our founder, Sheryl D. Thomas, originally began work as a licensed real estate professional for 13 years serving commercial real estate brokers. In that time, Sheryl held marketing and research positions preparing flyers, offering memorandums, and tour books. Sheryl learned how to exceed the expectations of the brokers by working efficiently and providing quality work. From this, she is able to work with commercial real estate professionals knowing exactly how the photos will be used.

When she began pursuing her passion for photography, she was able to parlay her skills towards marketing real estate. Since Sheryl knew what brokers expected, this skill set PlusCorp apart. With an actual real estate professional giving the directions, PlusCorp’s commercial real estate photos are able to stand out from the rest and engage prospective buyers and tenants.

Our unique advantage lets us provide a singular service few others can provide. PlusCorp Photography seeks to provide the greatest photos possible at attractive rates. We know the importance of closing a deal and we want to help!


Property Preparation Tips

We will temporarily remove distracting items as necessary, but we also ask that the space tidy before the shoot begins. Here are a few tips to get the space prepared.

General Tips

  • Clean the property and remove unnecessary items (clutter)
  • Clean the windows if possible
  • Turn on all lights
  • Replace missing or burned out bulbs
  • Temporarily remove trash bins out of sight


  • Remove refrigerator magnets
  • Wash dishes in the sink and keep unnecessary objects out of site
  • Place desk/counter top items neatly
  • Window coverings should be consistent (shades and blinds all up and curtains open)
  • Remove personal items from desktops or countertops including family portraits, hand lotions, etc…
  • Conference Room:
    • Adjust all chairs in the conference room to the same height and push under table
    • Hide conference room wiring
    • Erase boards if possible
    • Ceiling fans and TVs off


  • Landscaping should be well maintained and grass mowed
  • Clean windows
  • Temporarily block off parking spaces that are directly in front of the entrances

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