Having a current headshot is the first step in building an online presence and an easy way to update an existing profile

Professional Headshots

Based in Dallas and Houston, Texas

One of PlusCorp’s specialties is business portraits and headshots. These portraits can be used for your LinkedIn profile photo and other social media sites, residency application, company website, actor or model portfolio, marketing, advertising or even online dating websites. We know the competitive landscape among business professionals. By working intimately with you and your business, we can set you up against the competition and give you the leading edge.

We’re able to work with any size business group in order to give your company the look it needs. From strictly professional to a quirky, laid-back atmosphere, PlusCorp is able to do it. Visit our “Services & Prices” page for more information.

General Information:

  • Basic retouching applied to remove blemishes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin texture, whiten teeth, etc…
  • Convenient on-location shoots (office, outdoors, indoors, or residence)
  • Edited digital photo files ready within two business days of being ordered (same-day expedited service available) for individual sessions or group sessions with less than 15 people; allow 3-5 business days for larger groups
  • Print orders ready within 5-7 business days of placing order
  • Makeup artist also available upon request to further enhance your professional look
  • We truly value your business and want to be remembered so we strive to make this experience as pleasant as possible – even for those who hate being photographed 🙂

An updated headshot is a great way to spruce up your online presence. Especially your LinkedIn profile photo. Hanging on to an outdated headshot from 10 years ago won’t make you look younger in person. It is recommended that you get a new headshot if you have recently changed your look or if your current headshot is more than 3 years old.

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Headshot Tips

  • Check your company’s photography guidelines. Your company may have certain dress code and background requirements. Before getting headshots taken, think about the dress code and if your attire fits in with it. If it doesn’t, re-evaluate before moving forward. By not adhering to company dress code, you may have to retake your headshot photo at your own expense.
  • Be clear about what you want from your headshots. We want to make sure you get exactly what you need. That means communicating what your expectations are with us. If you want your headshots to look fun, tell us. We’ll make it happen. We’ve done a tremendous amount of headshots, so chances are we’ll know how to make it look fun.
  • Tell the photographer how the photo will be used. A photo for your resumé is different from a photo for your LinkedIn profile. By telling us where you’ll use your photo, we can create a better headshot for you. That way, when you use your headshot, it will be the best possible version.
  • Look at other headshots. We do our best to make each headshot look outstandingly professional. That being said, the more detailed you can be about what kind of headshot you want, the better we can do our job. If you look at other headshots and get an idea of what you want, we’ll be able to adjust to that. It’s important to get you looking the way you want.

  • Think about what you want from your photo. This one can be a bit tricky, as it’s hard to define from looking at headshot examples. Instead, think about what complete strangers should get from your photo. Do you want them to think you’re a professional? Are you casual? Are you quirky? You get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure you put a lot of time and thought into how that first impression will look.
  • Have fun. Sure, these photos are for work. It’s also a chance to make you look good. Treat yourself and take it easy. We’re here to create an amazing photo for you.  Relax and enjoy.

What Should You Wear for Your Headshots?

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you look great. Wearing your favorite business suits are ideal. They are your photos, so you should pick out the best outfit for yourself. By bringing your favorites, this should bring out the most confident, self-assured version of yourself. This shines through in your photos.
  • Bring options. These are your headshots. That means getting the most out of them. The best way to get the most is if you provide options for different clothes. Three to five changes should be just fine. That way, we can have a variety of photo choices available for you when your session ends.
  • If you’re using a professional photographer, use a professional make-up artist. While you are more than welcome to apply make-up on your own time during your session, PlusCorp has access to some of Houston’s premier make-up artists. Our artists’ jobs are to make you look professional. You can focus on your photography session while our artists focus on creating an incredible look for you.
  • When in doubt, keep it simple. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pick out the exact right wardrobe. If you’re having trouble choosing, go with the simpler option. This means no patterns, no elaborate neck lines, and darker colors. For women, this might mean a variety of shirts and blouses. For men, this could mean business suits and ties, polos, or just a dress shirt. A pop of color can make your photo look vibrant so try to incorporate color as well.

Woman Picking Out Clothes

Remember: You are the focus on the photo. Not your clothes. Good clothes can make the person, but this isn’t a fashion catalogue. Your clothes should accentuate you, not the other way around.

PlusCorp’s Headshot Process

1. Schedule An Appointment

You may contact us by phone or email. We will schedule your appointment after discussing the details of your shoot. We require a deposit equal to 50% of your session fee; and balance due at completion. Once the deposit is paid, you will receive a notification confirming your appointment. You will also receive reminders leading up to the day of the shoot.

2. Prepare for the shoot
& be ready as scheduled

Be ready and prepared for your session to avoid unnecessary anxiety. The most important thing to bring to the shoot is a positive attitude! Think about how the photo will be used and what message you want to convey to others. We will do all we can to help you relax and warm up to the camera.

3. Take Test Shots

Warm up to the camera as we test the lights and/or different backgrounds. We’ll make sure your hair is in place, ties are aligned, and collars are laying as they should. You will be guided throughout the entire session. We’re around cameras all the time, but you’re not. We’ll help you get adjusted.

4. Take Photos/Switch Outfits

Be prepared to take several photos in different positions in order to achieve the most flattering look. During the shoot, we’ll take breaks to review the photos and note the likes and dislikes. This way, we can adjust accordingly to capture a great photo.

5. Review & Select Photos

Once the session has ended, we’ll review the photos together. We’ll enclose all of the unedited photo proofs and deliver them to you electronically. When you’ve selected your favorites, we’ll package them, retouch as needed, and deliver the final product to you by email.

6. Have Photos Within 2 business days

Our first mission is to ensure quality and great customer service. Our second is to ensure that you get your photos in a timely manner. Digital orders for individuals and small groups of less than 15 people are ready within two business days after the images have been selected by the client. Allow up to 5 business days for larger groups.

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