“a video can communicate complex ideas in a variety of different methods”

Video Production

Based in Dallas and Houston, Texas

Our target market for video production services are individuals and businesses that are seeking a professional quality video to reach a specific market for promotional purposes. We can help you make the step up from do-it-yourself (DIY) video with your mobile devices at a price point lower than most of our competitors. We provide two different service levels to meet your budget. We can provide you with unedited high quality video clips and recommend easy to use DIY video editing apps or handle your video project from start to finish delivered ready to broadcast.

Photography is a great way to communicate ideas, but some things may get lost along the way. You can miss the personality, small details, and the energy. Every word, every blink, and every single smile is captured.

You provide us with the purpose of your video and we’ll come up with ideas. Your video can be incorporated into your website, social media accounts, or online business profile. We’re versatile, dependable, and dedicated to doing great work.

PlusCorp’s affiliate team of videographers are able to record web promotional videos, in-house training videos, event video coverage, CEO or president’s message, client testimonial videos, behind-the-scenes videos and more.

PlusCorp’s Video Production Process

The way PlusCorp accomplishes its video production is second to none. We’ve gone through many film and video professionals to find those who embody the PlusCorp standard. We hold our photography up to a high standard, so you should expect nothing less from our video team as well. At the end of your project, you will see the excellent quality in your video that we put into our photos.

In order for you to understand the full PlusCorp process, we think it’s helpful to educate. What follows is a brief summary of the steps our company takes for your video. By letting you know what we do, we hope this gives you peace of mind in choosing PlusCorp for your next corporate event or party. We know we can deliver, so let’s start today.

Planning Your Videography

After filling out a brief questionnaire, you will meet with some of our team to figure out your overall message and who you want to convey it to, as well as plan the best approach for bringing your vision to life. Here, we will ask questions, finding out more about the shoot you want to do.

Following the consultation, the team will draft an outline, script, and shoot list for you to review. The more questions we’ve answered in our consultation, the more planning we can get done for you. While we expect the best, we plan for any and all incidents to occur. That’s why we sit down and hash out each and every detail with you and your PlusCorp video team. Our team has prepared for everything so you can just sit back and enjoy.

Speaking of our team, PlusCorp Photography works with several videographers. Since the team is out filming multiple projects, we have an array of camera operators and producers to choose from. With the variety of options we’ve provided you now have a plethora of choices. The PlusCorp look is an ever-changing one, crafting itself to your needs. Once you’ve approved the script and other items, the Twice Media Productions team will begin ordering any materials or props, hiring actors or voice over talent, and schedule all production dates.

The Day of Your Shoot

Upon the day of your shoot, we start preparing very early. In order to guarantee the best end product available, our team will examine the environment and create a plan. Their visual eye is unparalleled, which means we’ll find the hidden gems that are your perfect shot. All you have to worry about is the event itself.

The PlusCorp affiliate videographers are absolute professionals, being able to work seamlessly with any type of crew. We’ve worked with many seasoned film and video professionals on a number of projects in Houston and beyond. This experience gives us the edge by knowing the best parts of what to shoot.

Video Editing Camera by Computer

After Your Shoot

Once the shoot has ended, we begin our work editing. Editing can be a very time involved process, which is why PlusCorp works so hard to get it to you in a timely manner. We sit down and go over every frame of footage. This can be a herculean task, as editing can involved watching hours of footage over and over again. Luckily, we have the best editors in Houston, so they’re up to the task.

The editing process involves looking at each shot and deciding which might be the best. We work with you constantly to make sure the results are matching what you want. Each one of our clients expect something a bit different. We’re happy to deliver on our promises to you, which is why we keep an open dialogue. Your event deserves to be seen the best way, which is why if you have any changes, we make up to three revisions at no additional cost to you.

After hours of dedicated work we deliver your event. We offer a variety of formats to choose from so you can truly impress everyone. Be sure to consult with us so we can deliver your perfect production.

PlusCorp Photography wants to give you a promise. We want to preserve your ideas perfectly. Through quality videography, editing, and excellent visuals, we want to create a piece that is more than just a video. We want to create something that stands the test of time. Every detail matters, which is one of the reasons why PlusCorp went into photography in the first place. If we can help preserve this, then we’ve done what we set out to accomplish.

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